At some point, we all go through a time of metamorphosis.

Metamorphosis (noun) – a change in the form or nature of a person or thing from one thing to another

Perhaps this metamorphosis isn’t as drastic as Franz Kafka’s literary depiction, but change is core to the human experience. Perhaps that’s why our lives are often portrayed as a journey from the past to an indistinct future.

Journey (noun) – the act of traveling from one place to another

The idea of “journey” gives the change in our lives a meaning and purpose, a distinct goal, usually for the better. Think Hobbit journey from a simple, predictable life in the sleepy and well-fed village of Hobbiton to defeating Smaug and fighting orcs far away from his armchair and tea kettle, even earning treasure chests of gold. However, the journey for Bilbo doesn’t end there, just as our journeys moving forward don’t end with us going in a single direction. Bilbo eventually goes back to Hobbiton and rediscovers the things that made him “him.”

Rediscovery (noun) – the act or process of discovering again something that was lost or forgotten

Something that is often overlooked about the whole rediscovery process is that it more often than not leads to the discovery of something completely new, even as we are in the process of reconnecting with something in our past. That something new can turn into its own metamorphosis, and encourage the onward journey even more. All it takes is that little backtrack of rediscovery.

This blog is about that process. It is purposefully going out to rediscover the things that make people who they are, find the metamorphoses that makes them “them,” and to go on my own little journey to rediscover what makes me “me.” Care to join us on this journey?