Today’s prompt is all about someplace I’d like to visit and why.

One of my life goals since middle school was to one day see Hadrian’s Wall in Britain. This desire was prompted by curiosity when I read a small two-sentence paragraph in my history textbook that the only remnants of Hadrian’s extensive wall could be properly seen close to the Scotland/England border.

I had the chance to see a 100 meter stretch of this wall with some friends as I was studying abroad my senior year of undergraduate uni. You can practically see me jumping up and down in the pictures for pure joy (a fact that I will not be able to live down in my lifetime).

It was a literal dream come true.

But now, I have another dream concerning Hadrian’s Wall.

The original wall was built from coast to coast, and, somehow, a significant amount of the ancient Roman wall is still standing, including a number of forts that were part of the wall itself. To see all of this, there are walking tours of Hadrian’s Wall that you can go on, taking anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, depending on your speed and what else you do along the way.

Image result for map of hadrian wall england

And that’s what I want to do. I really want to walk Hadrian’s Wall in Britain someday. I want to see more than just the one stretch that I saw in college: I want to see the expanse from one coast to the other. And if I happen to see other things, too…well, I’m not complaining!