I don’t suppose my first childhood memory is all that interesting. I remember riding bikes up a hill with my mom and a friend. Now I know that at the time when I was three years old I lived in Eastern Montana, so memories from that time are always far and few between. I remember feeling good in this memory, although I also remember feeling small and uncertain next to my mom, especially as I rode somewhere new.

Now my first memory isn’t all that interesting, so I asked Leg, my boyfriend, to share his earliest childhood memory. He wasn’t really sure because he told me that all of his childhood memories are jumbled up. But he did get to watch a video his parents took of him from when he was two years old. The interesting thing about that video was that there was a girl in the video with him. He suspects that the girl was his sister (which he no longer has now). His parents denied this, but he still suspects it. I was quite interested in this new information as Leg is an only child. So thank you blog for helping me dig up new information about my boyfriend’s childhood!