For those of you not in the know, a Hellmouth is a medieval/Rennaissance figurative device, sometimes described as the opening of a bag or the open mouth of a beast, wherein all those who have sinned get tossed into Hell. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my own personal Hellmouth. What’s in my bag?

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Purses are often described as black holes or vortexes from which who knows if anything will ever emerge again. I prefer to think of mine as a Hellmouth, as I’m never quite sure my hand will emerge when I plunge it into the depths. That being said, my purse is actually somewhat clean (for me) since I purged it a week or so ago.

The first few things in my purse and the obvious ones, the big objects, the ones I use every day. Phone, wallet, commonplace notebook, journal, keys (with lanyard for easy access, because, let’s be honest, keys like to sink to the bottom), a charger for my tablet, a bottle of water, and sunglasses. Also at the moment I have two dark chocolate orange bars that are hanging out in there because I keep forgetting to take them out at home. There’s also a partial bag of cough drops in there because I have been feeling *another* cold start coming on, and I’ll be darned if I let it get the best of me!

Beneath those big, obvious things is the tangled mess of things: two pairs of headphones tangled together (they are not like that whenever I put them in my purse, but that’s how they are whenever I pull them out), a travel pack of tissues, receipts, coins that fell out of my wallet, bobby pins, a pen, checkbook, post-it notes to myself, chapstick, gum, multiple packages of mints, and a bottle of Mio.

Now, is that the end? Of course not! That’s only the things that are in the main compartment of my purse.

The inner side compartment of course holds the standard lady’s emergency materials of extra pads and tampons. (Ladies, I’ve got you covered, if necessary!) For the outer compartments, it varies from pouch to pouch.

One pouch hold hand sanitizer and a couple band-aids, just in case.

Another pouch holds multiple shades of lipstick and lipgloss, because only one coat in the morning does not keep for the entire day. (Also found in this pouch are jewelry items that I’ve taken off and forgotten about, more bobby pins, and a charm pendant that I purchased as a gift for a friend but haven’t had the chance to give to her yet.)

Yet another pouch has a pack of gum and some technology add-ons for my tablet, which I usually carry around with me wherever I go. (I originally bought this purse because, on a good day, it will also fit my tablet, but with the amount of stuff already it in, you’ll forgive me for actually carrying it rather than tucking my tech inside my bag.)

The last pouch on my purse has a plethora of pens in different colors. I personally favor the Sharpie pens, but I have a few ball point pens in there, too, in case someone needs to borrow one (I am not about to trust my Sharpies to just anybody!) or if I need to write a check.

And no, my purse isn’t an over-sized, large bag by any standards. Medium-sized, at most.

Now, you might have noticed that pretty much all of the items in my bag are there to get me through almost any situation I could be faced with on any given day. (I would also like to point out that I work with a vulnerable adult, so some of the items I have in my purse are for her benefit, as well.) I have found out the hard way that it is always better to be prepared than sorry that I don’t have something, although I could probably stand to cut down on a few things in my Hellmouth of a bag.