Okay, I’m not writing about rum, liquor, or Pirates of the Caribbean, but I am going to write about something that I miss.

Now, I fully realize that I can get very overly personal or serious with this post. The people I have lost that I could reminisce over, the objects and pets that I have lost that were embodiments of my childhood! How could I possibly choose from such a numerous list? Well, I chose the one thing that probably has the most lasting effect on me today. I am talking, of course, about chocolate.

You can laugh all you want, but this is something that I seriously miss every time I get a piece of chocolate. Lindt chocolate is, of course, delicious, and one of the better brands (in my opinion) that you can purchase off the shelf at your local grocer’s. However, they really missed something when they stopped making one of the greatest chocolate bars in existence.

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Cherry filled, chili spiced dark chocolate. My mouth waters at the very thought. Lindt has since made cherry chocolate bars and chili chocolate bars, but they are no longer available in the heavenly combination of the two. I’m not saying that the chocolate now offered by Lindt is in any way less than delicious, I’m just saying that it is not as delicious as it could be.

And I do have some really good memories associated with this particular chocolate bar. My family read through the fourth and fifth Harry Potter books sharing that chocolate, as well as a few other tomes (although those titles escape my memory at the moment). I remember knitting and making jewelry with my mother while we each had a square of this chocolate. All good memories for me, vague as they are, with really good emotions attached to them.

And then Lindt stopped making cherry chili chocolate (say that five times fast!) and my parents and I had to revert to a different flavor of chocolate.

Again, other flavors are great, and I now have other favorites out there, but nothing will compare to that delightfully delectable concoction. I greatly miss Lindt’s cherry chili chocolate.


Post edit: I realize I didn’t fully describe the taste of this chocolate bar, so you might be missing the epicness that is no longer available from Lindt. So, here is a blog post written by a wonderful chocolate lover that describes this bar to perfection. Gosh, I really do miss this chocolate bar.