As promised in a previous post, today I’m going into more detail about my happy place, which is somewhat related to my safe space. This is a little difficult for me because it shifts and changes so often, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Arthur’s Seat is part of my safe space, and elements of that are in my happy place, although the actual location is different. I still feel the wind on my face and the cool, crisp promise of rain on the air. I still see fast moving clouds and watch their shadows morph across the landscape. However, I’m not standing on Arthur’s Seat.

In my happy place, I’m not standing anywhere in particular. Sometimes it’s on the slopes of a wooded mountain looking down on a near-untouched valley with a river winding its way from one end to the other. Other times I am standing on the top of a hill near the house where I grew up, watching as lights turn on through the woods one by one as the twilight darkens to night. Other times I’m standing in the midst of a flatland, watching over great expanses of open countryside as a thunderstorm rolls toward me, lightning shooting out of the low-hung clouds to the ground.

If none of those places work, the scenery tends to shift dramatically. I am no longer surrounded by beautiful scenes of nature, but instead I am in the comfort of my own home (wherever that may be) with a cat cuddling with me on the couch. My favorite food is inevitably close by. And someone near and dear to me is in the next room. This shift is always centered around comfort and security and love. Those are the emotions that overwhelm me in the final metamorphosis of my happy place.