The worst physical injury, in terms of how long it took my body to recover, happened when I was in fifth grade. That was a big year for me. The class bully had transferred to a different school (although he returned the following year), the first big class projects were set for us to complete (which I procrastinated on even then), and my klutzy-ness really showed through the number of times I managed to fall. And it all started with one major incident.

Gym class was the first class of the day. Not exactly my favorite, but it was a good way to wake up in the morning. It was the time of year that we practiced basketball. Our class was divided into two groups, each group playing on one half of the court. The gym teacher walked over and told our group to switch positions on the court, and that’s when it happened.

I tripped over my own feet.

Now, this wasn’t your ordinary self-tripping. Oh, no. I had to trip myself so that I was fallingĀ backwards. And what is your natural reaction when you’re falling? To stop yourself, right? Well, I tried to stop my fall in a really stupid way. I tried to catch myself, putting out both arms behind me to break my fall so that my head wouldn’t smack on the hardwood floor of the gym.

Well, something broke, all right.

My classmates were laughing, my teacher was laughing. Heck, I sat up and I was laughing. And then the pain hit me. I felt my laughing face start to change. I came up with a smile, sat with a grimace, and went down with a frown. That’s right: I fainted from the surge of pain that hit me.

My dad immediately came to pick me up and bring me to the doctor, which felt like it took an eternity because of the pain shooting through my left wrist. At the doctor’s I found out why my pain was so great. Instead of just breaking or fracturing, my bones were pushing together at the break, and the continuous pressure from that meant that I was in continuous pain. The doctor soon (somehow) set that to rights, though, and soon thereafter put a cast on me.

After that was a long 5 months, but all-in-all, if that’s the worst physical injury I’ve ever had, I have it pretty good.