Okay, today’s prompt is a little silly, but the truth is that I could talk about my Hogwarts House and its co-relation to my personality for a really long time.

I have been sorted into the House of Ravenclaw, the house of wit, creativity, wisdom, and love of knowledge and learning. We are most easily friends with those in Slytherin, because their cunning and ambition tend to be things that me and my fellow house-mates relate the most to. That being said, most of my friends are not in Slytherin, but are annoying Gryffindors and *gasp* Hufflepuffs. Or, to be more accurate, over time they have taken on more qualities of other houses, so they no longer identify as a Ravenclaw (more like Gryffin-claws or Raven-puffs). I, on the other hand, still identify pretty exclusively with Ravenclaw.

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Now, all that being said, any true Potterhead will tell you that the house you’re sorted into does not mean that you are limited to those qualities. However, it does tend to help you recognize where your values and/or talents are at a particular time.

Like how so many of my friends have now switched houses as time has gone on, it is natural for interests and foci to morph and change over time, incorporating new things into a previous perspective. Mine has stayed the same, yes, but mostly because the main feature of Ravenclaw, a desire to learn and know things, remains the same for me. I’m ambitious, caring of others, and certainly can be ruthless, but all those aspects of my life are pale in comparison to my Ravenclaw qualities. And that’s okay.

A good way to show that house qualities are not limited, is if you look at the newest addition to the Pottermore Wizarding World: Ilvermorny. Ilvermorny, for those of you not in the know, is the American school of witchcraft and wizardry in the Harry Potter world. While you can relate the four houses of Hogwarts to the four houses of Ilvermorny (Gryffindor = Thunderbird, Ravenclaw = Horned Serpent, Hufflepuff = Pukwudgie, Slytherin = Wampus, respectively; there is some heated discussion out there about this), very rarely are people sorted into the related houses.

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My Ilvermorny house is that of Thunderbird, the house of adventurers. Think of that, in Hogwarts I’m firmly fixed in the house that most represents the mind, and in Ilvermorny I’m firmly fixed in the house that most represents the soul.

In conclusion, before I go rambling anywhere else, I am not certain how completely my houses represent who I actually am, but the do provide a starting point in sketching my character. But no, these sortings do not affect my personality, but my personality affects my sorting.