Change is a human condition that, I’m afraid, we’ll never be able to escape. Change is a good thing by-and-large, though. Change means we’re growing, that we’re healthy and learning. And so, today I’m looking at what changes are occurring in my life right now. And, since I like lists, I compiled changes I notice in my life in a list format (although arranged in no particular order). Enjoy!

  • I am developing a romantic relationship with Ghostwheel. This is my first serious relationship of the kind, so this brings a lot of changes with it. Changes in the way I think, how I prioritize my time, in how I think about the future. Whether these changes remain or will themselves change, that’s something I’ll have to figure out later.
  • I am seeking counseling. I am trying to record instances of my anxiety and address the root problems that cause my anxiety. The changes related to this are happening slowly, but they are happening, changing how I think, and how I get through my daily life.
  • I am looking for a full-time position. This is another big change, one that might require me to go back to school or seek out different career options. I have no idea where this is going to lead me, but I’m bracing myself for whatever changes might come from this.

Well, those are the biggest changes in my life that I can think of. I’m sure there are plenty of others, but this is plenty of change to deal with at the moment.