For the last day, I am supposed to reflect on the last month of writing. Obviously, I kinda messed up on my challenge, missing the last few days, but I am still determined to complete this.

I really enjoyed this daily challenge. I learned more about myself and what I enjoy, how I think through questions, and what I think about on a daily basis through what I was writing in answer to the prompts. And that’s just the prompts!

Writing every day was a good challenge, too. I didn’t quite make it do to extenuating circumstances, but I did enjoy the expectation and purpose for me to write every day. I have always enjoyed writing, but in recent years I have only written school papers or articles or reviews, and lost sight of my enjoyment of writing for the pure pleasure of it. This challenge allowed me to tap into that joy once more, even on the days when I really didn’t want to write or didn’t feel like I had the time.

My overall response? I think I’m gonna do this challenge again in a couple months, but maybe with a new twist to it. For now, I’m going to enjoy the fact that I did as well as I did at this challenge, and enjoy the rest of the new month with my regular blog posts.