I have slowly been collecting my old boxes from the storage areas of my parents’ home and going through them in my own apartment. It isn’t easy. I have been throwing things, giving away things, and scanning old papers that I might want to look at someday (but don’t have the room to store in real life).

It isĀ amazing what all I’ve found. I found birthday cards from my second birthday party from loved ones who have since passed away or lost the ability to write. I found report cards from second grade, Valentine’s Day cards from my grandparents when they were staying in Arizona, and a picture of my first visit to the dentist.

In the process, I’ve rediscovered a collection of poetry that mini-me wrote in first grade and, let me tell you, they are HILARIOUS! I don’t want to share all of them here at the moment, but I will share a couple of my favorites.

“Sit at your desk!

Pick up your pencil, ’cause we’re having a test!”

All the kids were staring,

sitting in their rows,

I looking down and saw I’d forgotten my clothes.

The dinosaur frowned and started to shake me,

Turned into my mom who was trying to wake me.

“Hey sleepyhead, Tammy’s here to play,

Why aren’t you up?

It’s Saturday!”

The fact that I somehow managed to use quotation marks in first grade really impresses and surprises me. (Important to note that the only way my parents and I know that I wrote these in first grade and not later is because the cover of the booklet says so.)

I think Amanda likes me.

I think Amanda cares.

Today she kicked my lunchbox

Halfway down the stairs.

I think Amanda likes me.

I think it’s really true.

At the hallway fountain

She spit water on my shoe.

I think Amanda likes me.

I knew it when she said

She think I’m gross, disgusting

And a total cootie-head.

Also important to note that I never had an Amanda in my class: she was purely a literary creation.

The timing on me finding these so soon after the 30 day challenge is apt, because (if you read the Day #30 post) you know that the process of writing every day really re-inspired my writing. Reading through these old poems, I’m rediscovering all the fun that I had with words.

More mini-me poetry to come, I’m sure, as I’m sorting through everything that first grade me has to teach me. Who knew it would ever work out that way!