No one asked you to do this. No one asked you if you were ready.

But you did it anyway.

You became a mother, and not just any mother. You became my mother. A mother to put all other mothers to shame.

You corrected me with the truth, which was given with gentle words.

You led by example, instilling in me a love for peace, honesty, love, gentle kindness.

You supported my goals and dreams, and continue to do so, even when I’m not sure what my aspirations are myself.

You went through hardships, and protected me from all of them. You cried, and hid your tears from me. You held the family together, even when we wanted to fall apart.

You speak, everyone listens. You laugh, everyone laughs. You talk loudly, the earth goes still. You smile, hope returns.

You are the mother that no one deserves, and yet God has given you to me as one of the ultimate blessings.

I love you, Mom! I don’t know who I would be or where life would have taken me if I didn’t have you. Thank you!