Well, my return to the adventures of Prydain’s first Chronicle came to an end. Taran and his friends completed their quest and returned home. The Book of Three has been closed, and I’m selecting my book for the next month, so surely that will be enough to read this next month.

Or it would be, except for one thing: I’m not through with Prydain.

I don’t want to make the second book my book choice for the month of June–I have something very specific in mind for that. However, I don’t want to just step away from the Prydain series after only the first book.

The solution? I’m going to read the rest of the books, in addition to my monthly reading schedule.

Now, I’m not saying that I’ll finish them all on time, but I will make an effort to read both the books that I am selecting for my monthly reads and the Chronicles of Prydain for my own pleasure. This entire challenge was to help me rediscover the enjoyment of reading, after all, right? So I’m going to read what I enjoy, and hopefully get back into reading at an even faster pace.