Dearest Wilber,

I loved your letter on history. What you wrote in this letter is one of the many reasons we started this blog. For me, there have been many things that I used to love, or wanted to love, but have found now that I don’t anymore. Teaching is one of those things. Writing. Books. Ministry. The list could go on for me. But it is wonderful when I can have a moment to regain my former love.

This past year I have had the opportunity to tutor a student over Skype. Right now I’m thinking about sending her information for the paper she needs to write. I can’t say that I have been a perfect tutor, but there have been moments that have sparked my imagination and made me so excited to be her tutor. For instance, I could not wait to tell her the difference between primary and secondary sources. I feel like such a nerd for admitting that. I used screen-sharing and taught her information via PowerPoint. It was  a solid lesson plan with examples and interaction and application. A+ teacher moment. Well, my computer was kind of slow, and I couldn’t get the right primary source to come up, but it was still exciting. It made me think that perhaps I still am a teacher. And I will always be a teacher. Maybe in a different capacity than before, but I still get to enjoy that side of me.

The same goes for writing. Look at this blog! I’ve also been working on a book that maybe I will start posting in excerpts on this blog. When we stop pressuring ourselves and start just having fun with our passion, it can re-ignite, and we can rediscover why we loved it in the first place (like my use of the blog name?).

I know that your love of history may be different than before, but I am hoping that you can start to enjoy history again in a new way. It may not be the main focus of your life, but it will still always be part of you. Let me know when something historical sparks your imagination. You know that I always love listening to history according to Wilber.