I have completed day one of my new job. Oh boy.

Let the cheering commence, for I am once more working and earning money so that I may existence in modern day society! However, let the cheering end quickly because this job is a…(drumroll, please)…temp job.

Not only is it a temp job, ladies and gentlemen, but it is one of the most monotonous and soul-destroying jobs out there (at least for me). I’m working as an office assistant.

Now, I think I make a very good office assistant. And, depending on who I was assisting with what, it could be a lot of fun for me and help me grow as a professional. However, I am working as an assistant to someone who is already in a secretarial position, which means I’m doing all the busy work without any of the creative input.

Not that I would have any creative input for this department anyway. 

My job is at the University of Minnesota, for one of the medical departments. That’s right: someone who is almost pure Humanities is filling medical paperwork in a purely STEM environment. Again, if I had more creative freedom, I could make this work. However, since it’s just paperwork…I’m really glad this is a temp job.

I’m grateful that I’m working, on the whole I like everyone I’m working with (although I can already tell that there are a lot of quirky personalities I’ll have to work around, to say the least), I just don’t see myself working here longer than 3 months and enjoying it.

However, this is only the first day, so who knows? Maybe my impressions are wrong. Either way, this is a new beginning for me and I’m determined to be excited as to where this road will take me! 🙂