Rediscovery 101

Aren't we all trying to rediscover something?


July 2017

problem: living through a screen

It drives me crazy when Ghostwheel is with me and he just pulls out his phone and stares at the screen. I hate it that when there is a lull in our conversation, Moose is likely to pull out her... Continue Reading →


“You can always tell a Leo…”

"...because you can't tell 'em anything," my dad finishes exclaiming, a grin the size of Texas spread across his face. I roll my eyes. "You can try to change the rules all you like, Dad, but a city isn't worth... Continue Reading →

“The One”

One ring to rule them all...a wedding ring, to be precise.

Found: lighthouse

I have a hard time recognizing my memories as lighthouses, try as I might. So, when something finally clicked for me about a memory, I decided that I had to share it.

A Close Reading of Sondheim’s “Moments in the Woods”

If you haven't heard Emily Blunt slay "Moments in the Woods" from Sondheim's musical Into the Woods, I don't know what you're doing with your life.

pondering certainty

The future is not certain for anyone. Whether something good or bad will happen, no one can say with absolute certainty. "We live in a time of uncertainty." Who was the first person to say that? Was it someone in... Continue Reading →

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