A letter to the boy bragging about bullying a female he claimed as friend out of a conversation:

You disgust me. You are always so full of yourself, aren’t you? You are quick to talk about the one time a woman deigned to share herself and her bed with you, and are even faster to say that you are such a nice guy, she should’ve let you f*** her again a week later.

Setting aside your next to no understanding of consent, here’s a tip for you: if you have to tell someone that you’re nice, if you have to include that in a description of yourself to others, it means the exact opposite. Likewise, if you brag about your dominant treatment of others, be it male or female or in between, you show yourself to be among the lowest dregs in society.

Being good, kind, nice is proven, not proclaimed. It is proven through word and deed, and all you have proven with this latest news about your sh**ty treatment of a female friend is that you’re a constant fuqboi who deserves no respect from those around him. You show yourself to be an ignorant misogynist who can’t tell that the entirety of civilized society is laughing in his face at the thought that you’ve “won” anything in a conversation with a woman.

You call me a b**ch? Yes, to you I am that and everything else that makes you tremble as you sit back on your lazy a**. To you, I am not a nice girl. To you, that is the exact opposite of what I am.

I am your worst nightmare. I am an empowered, educated woman who doesn’t take sh** from insignificant peons like yourself. Instead, I dish it out. I mercilessly murder ignorant specks like you for the pure pleasure that the justice of the act brings me; I sprinkle the bone dust of patriarchal nimrods who have no respect for women into my tea as a sweetener; I savor the taste of blood spilled from idiots who thought they could disregard basic human decency in front of me.

You think that because a woman walks away from speaking to you that you have the upper hand? Keep telling yourself that if you want to remain the self-absorbed dipsh*t that you continuously show yourself to be. Any woman who walks away from the likes of you shows good judgement and proves her infinite superiority to you. It is only out of pity for your disgusting existence that I have been attempting to instill a fragment of an education in human worth and general equality and decency in you.

All that being said, I know that my words will not penetrate a head that is 80% bone, such as yours. You are yet another stubborn ignoramus who will refuse to listen to anything that comes from someone who even slightly disagrees with you, let alone simply enter a discussion with them. As such, good day, you dimwit.

I hope one day your infantile personality and intellect mature enough so that you can become an actual, worthwhile member of society.