Wilberforce currently resides in a suburb of St. Paul in Minnesota, where she is working multiple jobs as she discovers how she wants to change the world and, just as importantly, how she is going to change herself. Wilber previously studied history at a graduate school in Chicago, and has other degrees in English and religion. She blames her higher education for the naming of her cat to Lady Jane Grey. Picture of the said Lady will, inevitably, be posted.

Contrary to stereotypes of her millennial generation, Wilber knows that her story does not stand out. “Who I am is seen in numerous members of my generation around the world (although particularly in Western culture). I am in the process of rediscovering my passions in life while starting up a career and settling into a home after seven years of college coursework, and I’m hoping that this blog will help me do so. Whether anyone reads this blog other than me is immaterial. This blog is for me, to help me rediscover what I like and what makes me who I am.”

Comments and feedback to Wilber’s rambling posts are encouraged, but with the caveat that she will disregard any bigoted, racist, sexist, or unhelpful criticism that is sent her way because, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Common characters mentioned in Wilber’s posts will be Ghostwheel/Ghost (boyfriend), Moose (roommate), and Janie (cat).

Note from Wilber: I don’t like giving my real name out over the internet, so forgive me for introducing myself via an alias. William Wilberforce has always been a great figure in my mind. Not only his work against the slave trade and slavery in the British Empire, but his work for children’s rights, education, prison reform, animal rights, and morality are all incredibly impressive. I’m not saying I agree with everything he argued for in Parliament, but his convictions and his faith are unendingly inspiring to me.


Dawn does not live anywhere close to Wilberforce. They are a 23 hour drive away from each other, and it is a crying shame that no teleportation device has yet to be invented. Dawn has recently moved to Washington State to live closer to family and is loving it so far.

Dawn’s past has been through the typical ups and downs of a twenty-something as she graduated with an education degree she won’t use (though perhaps her English minor will come in handy), came through some relational hardships, and also learned to properly take care of her mental health. What’s life without a little drama? Common characters mentioned by Dawn will be Wilber, Leg (her boyfriend), Mer (Wilber and Dawn’s mutual friend), Gma, Bro, and Casio (her electric keyboard).


Now, this blog would not be complete if we did not mention the delightfully fun relationship between Dawn and Wilberforce. No, they are not gay for each other. Yes, some have speculated on this. And yes, Wilberforce did mock-propose to Dawn during their Sophomore/Junior year of college (more on this later). If Dawn could describe their relationship in any way, it would be that Dawn is the heart, and Wilberforce is the brain. This is rather simplified, but it does illustrate the difference between them. Wilberforce has more than once used logic to help Dawn avoid disastrous life choices, as well as fiercely protected her from injustices. And Dawn strives to bring joy, probing questions, deep and nerdy discussions, and love into her dear friend’s life. Wilberforce would describe their relationship as one of the heterosexual yet homoerotic nature. That being (jokingly) said, Wilber is quick to describe it as “one of the best friendships I have ever known or will ever know, to rival that of Lewis and Clark, Gilbert and Sullivan, Sherlock and Watson, Marie Antoinette and cake.”

Some of Dawn and Wilberforces’ favorite topics include women’s rights, faith, friendship, Sherlock, anime, Les Miserables, YouTubers, Shakespeare, college friends, the nature of education, mental health, and love of all forms. Their secret plan is to someday, when their hypothetical husbands die, live together as cranky old ladies and start many sentences with “Back in my day…” They call this plan “The Old Lady Pact.” Signatures may have been involved.


Wilber and Dawn are happy to announce that their good friend Mer is now joining the Rediscovery 101 team!

Mer lives in the same state as Wilber (for the moment), but soon she will be moving closer to Dawn. The reason for her move is that she wants to finally be living in the same town as her boyfriend.  They’ve dated 5+ years, she’s finally graduated and passed her Boards for nursing, and she is currently in the process of raising up enough money to move out of her parent’s house (Whoop! Whoop!). She is very much looking forward to moving to her dream land–mountains and waterfalls and rivers–and to starting a new life with the man of her dreams.

Mer spent the majority of her recent years going through college, but unlike many people, it was not a simple, smooth 4 years. She first went to a private Christian college, then had to transfer to a community and technical college to save money. Then she took a year off to gain experience for her major. Finally, she returned to climb the career ladder for her dream degree in nursing. Because of all of the school complications and long-distance relationship complications, Mer’s main struggle has been dealing with the “waiting” period of her life. She didn’t pass Boards on the first try, and then she had to spend some time saving up money for her Big Move Out West. Needless to say, this past year was filled with a lot of anxiety, and Mer learned about worry, worrying about worry, and something she has struggled with her whole life called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Mer is hoping to reflect on her journey with anxiety in this blog, as well as the things that have helped her come through anxiety. Common characters in Mer’s posts will be her boyfriend (Sean), Wilber, Dawn, and Py (Python, her reference for anxiety).