Rediscovery 101

Aren't we all trying to rediscover something?

Ode to Malcolm the Cat

An ode to the goofy cat of my boyfriend's sister. I stayed at her place while looking for my own and I wrote this ode to her cat Malcolm on my last night at her place.


Found: poem- “Execution”

Going through yet another stack of papers as I'm packing up boxes for a move later this summer, I found a loose page of notes from a class I took in graduate school. At the bottom of the page was... Continue Reading →

Emotions: A Word Picture

Last night on my hike through the woods with my boyfriend, I was contemplating emotions. This was our second time trying to find this specific lake but we were unable to before it grew dark. No map was to be... Continue Reading →

Being Apart

I still feel the warmth of his embrace As I drive away in my car. I still feel the tenderness of his kisses On my face As I leave his place. The warm feelings inside Rekindle the flame That was... Continue Reading →

(Day 30) a retreat

Well, here we are. Day 30. I've completed the 30 day challenge of writing a blog post a day for the month of April. And now, I am feeling inspired, motivated, and in need of a special kind of refreshment.... Continue Reading →

30 Day Blog Post Challenge for April: A Reflection (Day 30)

As you may know by my numbered blog posts, my co-Rediscovery101 blogger, Wilberforced and I were partaking in a a blog-a-day challenge for the month of April. Initially, I was excited and was like, "Yeah, I'll do this with you!... Continue Reading →

When I am with him. (Day 29)

When I am with him I can relax. My body loses its tension And melts in his arms When I am with him I don't wanna give up This fight called life. I am not co-dependant. His presence Gives me... Continue Reading →

(Day 29) A Story

[What follows is an excerpt of a story Wilberforce is working on.] The waves lapped around my feet as I sat among the rock pools, staring out at the black waters of the sea.  A few stray droplets landed on... Continue Reading →

(Day 28) a day

Today has been a day. What's more, today has been a good day. It has been busy, eventful, relaxing, love-filled, in all the good ways. And so, here I am, at the end of a really good day, facing what... Continue Reading →

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