Rediscovery 101

Aren't we all trying to rediscover something?

Reflection on: Grad School

I have always loved going to school; I have always loved learning whatever I could sink my teeth into. My parents encouraged my curiosity wherever it sprouted, and, while high grades were never discouraged, they were not the focus of... Continue Reading →


Moose is still Moose

I remember when I first met my roommate, Moose.

broken fences

Sometimes I forget, though, that some fences were built to protect us.

Found: a reflection

Your experiences are valid and, for your benefit and others', are worth remembering.

taking a stand

I'm simply going to say the truth.

Letter: Stories

The one suggestion that made your whole personality brighten with excitement? The idea of writing stories again.

Letter: Story Introduction

Dear Wilber, I used to love stories and read them or write them all the time. Now I mostly read articles on the internet, and it's like eating an incomplete meal. Is this part of getting older? Am I losing... Continue Reading →

Asberger’s Are Us

Last week I received an IM from a friend I hadn't heard from in a long time: Jack Hanke, one of the fun comedians in the New York Times reviewed troupe,¬†Asberger's Are Us. What did Jack want to know? If... Continue Reading →

A letter to the boy…

A letter to the boy bragging about bullying a female he claimed as friend out of a conversation

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