Rediscovery 101

Aren't we all trying to rediscover something?


Dear Wilber, I thought it would be therapeutic to write this out, so here I am back on the blog. A lot of what we write on this blog is for therapeutic purposes. Writing itself is therapeutic. It has a... Continue Reading →


a passage to share

One of the things that I have started doing over the last few months to help me grow and give me a sense of a community is to attend a regular Bible study with a group of women from different... Continue Reading →

The Art of Panick

I've always thought that spelling "panic" with a "k" at the end was a fun, refined way to bring elegance to something that rendered me completely unstable, useless, hideous to the outside world.


Her funeral was on Monday, December 11th.

a remembered regret

Something came across my Facebook newsfeed the other day. A picture that I had completely forgotten about. And that single picture reminded me of a regret that I don't think I'll ever fully lose. She was a person full of... Continue Reading →

The Truth

Ok, so obviously I have failed my writing challenge for November in a major way. I could cheat, I suppose, and write up a mess of posts and backdate them, but I don't want to do that. I really wanted... Continue Reading →

This Side of My Skin

In response to writing prompt #5. On this side of my skin lies lies leaving scars deeper than the Grand Canyon. Hidden by smiles, blood from wounds too often reopened seeps into bandages too weak from overuse to help healing.... Continue Reading →

a fist like paper

Writing prompt #11: Write about holding on when you need to let go. I remember how it used to be. The three of us, laughing in the hallways after class. Leaning up against our lockers and making jokes at and... Continue Reading →

Une couleur

Response to prompt #17. One color. One name, more like, that encapsulates so many different shades in one simple description. Love is so often painted with the bright, garish three-letter word red, but is this the true color of such... Continue Reading →

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